Wet Pour Rubber

Wet Pour Rubber

What is Wet Pour Rubber and why would you choose it?

Australian Playground & Shade Solutions Wet Pour Rubber consists of rubber granules or shredded rubber that is mixed with a polyurethane Binder to create a durable & seamless safety surface.

Where is it most commonly used?

  • Playgrounds
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports Courts
  • Pool areas
  • Aged Care & Hospitals
  • Rejuvenating & “Softening” concrete areas & walkways

What are the advantages of Wet Pour Rubber?

  • Safe alternative to traditional concrete, bitumen, tiled, areas
  • Flexible surface and simple to clean
  • Massive colour selection…even mix them up
  • Freeform to create your own design or prefab inlays available
  • Porous and long wearing
  • Non slip, maximum safety, prevents injuries
  • Poured-in-place so any shape and area can be delivered

Short on creativity but like the idea of custom design? Click here to view some of our installations.

Australian playgrounds Wet Pour Rubber installations comply with AS/NZS 4422:1996 “Playground surfacing – Specifications, requirements and test methods”