Types of Rubber

Types of Rubber

Australian Playground & Shade Solutions uses different types of rubber in its Wet Pour Solutions for School Playgrounds.

Which type is selected based on purpose of use, location of installation, statutory requirements and the client’s budget.

The following information is provided as a guide only of various types available.

CSBR Recycled Rubber:

Our most popular option, CSBR Recycled Rubber is an environmentally effective solution to help combat the growing problem of used tyres. It consists of factory-colour recycled rubber granules, which during manufacturing are individually coated with coloured oxide.

As well as ticking all the “green” boxes, CSBR is the softest & the best value for money in the range.

For the CSBR Colour Palette – click here.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monamer):

EPDM rubber is a specifically manufactured product with greater UV stability & where the colour is consistent throughout each granule.  This is a premium product where the colours are also brighter and more intense than the CSBR.

For the EPDM Colour Palette – click here.

TPV Wet Pour Rubber:

Another Premium product, TPV rubber is produced from a quality polymer. With its greater degree of UV stability, it has a very high level of colour consistency and durability.

For the TPV Colour Palettes – click here.